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Discovering Good (God) In Others

A pixael sci-fi mystery. A monolith was found dotted with obelisks emitting holographic glyphs. What may they mean? Enter the sequences to travel additional into the unknown.


A puzzle game making waves. Diabolically easy and beautifully minimal, slide waves until they match.


An oddly addictive, and utterly adorable retro arcade adventure. Select from many unlikely heroes and pit them in opposition to the elements. Check their endurance on an Endless journey, or ship them on a quirky little Adventure.


Our lightning-quick smoothly-animated software launcher. It’s compatible with the most well-liked dock pores and skin formats and now has Taskbar capabilities.


Sunshine is a alternative for the realtime shadows in Unity. It takes the look of your game to an entire new degree with smooth PCF filtering, overcast shadows, and volumetric lighting.

Shadow Softener

Shadow Softener takes the Built-In shadows in Unity, and makes them Oh-So-Soft! This is particularly awesome for Unity Free users stuck with Exhausting Shadows.


This is our extention for Home windows explorer to permit for plugin-based mostly results once you activate an icon in your Desktop or most other FolderView windows.


This helpful little net utility allows you to convert between PNG and ICO codecs with out losing any quality or downloading any software.

Previous Collaborations


Astralis is a army science fiction shooter for XBLIG. Purge swarms of alien terrors, cross a vast panorama, judge deserters. Who will you punish? Who will you forgive?

The Forest

An open world survival horror game developed for Www.Gnjob.co.Kr Windows by Endnight Games. Build, explore, survive on this terrifying first particular person survival horror simulator.

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